Our People

Julius Capilitan - Managing Director and Primary Financial Advisor

A Wellington local, Julius spent his childhood years in Wairarapa at Rathkeale College. He is driven by his strong passion for simplifying financial services and doing the right thing for his clients.

Julius has contributed the last seventeen years to New Zealand’s financial services industry working for firms such as Kiwi Bank, ANZ, AXA and NZ Stock Exchange building his experience in Funds Management, Commercial & Business Banking, Retail Lending and various other management roles. 

Having gained significant knowledge and experience around KiwiSaver Fund, trading shares as a fund manager to providing personal and business risk protection for banking clients, Julius now runs his own financial services firm with a strong focus on delivering a broad spectrum of solutions to our clients.

A strong believer in customer advocacy, Julius believes that transparency, authenticity and accountability are key to ensure that customers are given the right advice on their personal financial situation so that they can make the best choices and get the best outcomes.  

Tim O'Connor - Mortgage Advisor 

Tim is a mortgage-banking specialist with extensive experience working for two multinational banks in America prior to joining Century 21 Financial in New Zealand.

Before finance, Tim worked for a statistical research company managing data for the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation and National Institutes of Health. He is knowledgeable, detailed oriented, and passionate about helping clients with their residential and commercial financing needs.

Tim holds a New Zealand Certificate (Level 5, Version 2) in Financial Services and is a Mortgage Advisor who specializes in Residential Property Lending. Additionally, he has a Bachelor of Arts in Economics from Hampden-Sydney College.

Walter de Vries - Insurance Advisor

I started my career as an engineer then went into the Financial Services industry selling insurance for Guardian Royal Exchange and from there accepted a senior management role with Colonial Mutual. Then I joined KPMG in a consulting capacity. I advised corporations on their risk management strategies, consulting to insurance companies, and created from scratch an insurance company for The Warehouse, using their strategic differentiation from other purveyors of direct insurance sales.

From there to SouthernCross Healthcare where my role was to to design and build a corporate product solution that included member health and wellness as well as develop strategies to reduce their significant claims costs.  

Selling insurance still really appealed so went on to help manage a colleagues’ Triplejump franchise that had built processes to professionally quantify risk for small business and business owners and then managed my own franchise until the franchisor ceased operating. 

Today I am really pleased to be working with Julius and the team. Helping clients get the maximum benefit from ensuring their risks are covered is a great place to be and look forward to helping you!

Holly Zhou - Head of Migrant Business / BDM

Dominic Vermeulen - Office Manager/Associate