Set yourself up for the future

Why is KiwiSaver a no brainer?

  • It makes saving easy! Your KiwiSaver contributions come out of your pay before you see it.
  • 3% contribution of gross wage if employed (less employer superannuation contribution tax)
  • Annual Government contribution every year of up to $521.43 (if eligible and between ages 18-65)
  • As well as saving for retirement, KiwiSaver can be used to save for a 1st home.
  • By regularly contributing, you may be eligible for the KiwiSaver First Home grant which could contribute up to $10,000 towards your deposit
  • Access to funds in times of significant financial hardship
  • Members have many providers to choose from, ranging from Banks to locally owned and operated fund managers. Making a change is a simple, stress-free process.

We have partnered up with the Generate KiwiSaver Scheme to help you make the most of your KiwiSaver savings:

  • Top performance – track record* 
  • Responsible Investor – rated highly by**
  • Award winning services - SuperRatings Gold 2016 to 2020***
  • Customer satisfaction – 95% of Generate client’s rate KiwiSaver advice as 4 or 5 out of 5
  • Kiwi-owned and operated KiwiSaver specialists

You can find the performance of the Generate funds here. Additionaly, You can find the latest Morningstar comparison results here.

Want to test your KiwiSaver knowledge? Try our quick 4 questions below and book an appointment with our KiwiSaver adviser. 

  1. Do you know the difference between a growth fund and a default fund? 
  2. Do you know which KiwiSaver fund you are in?
  3. Do you know how the Government Contributions work?
  4. Do you know what your KiwiSaver account Prescribed Investor Rate is?

*Bonus Question - How did you choose your current provider?

Booking an appointment with our adviser will put you in the draw for a $4,000 travel/home entertainment voucher or 1 of 10 $100 vouchers!*

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